Planning to Go See a Bills Game

The boss is the one who came up with the idea for all of us to go see a Buffalo Bills game in Orchard Park, NY. Of course there are not going to be complete participation, since there are not that many NFL fans in the company relative to what it would be in the USA. We did go looking for a Toronto party bus company that will give us a good deal. I suspect that the boss is going to figure out some way for he and the accountants to write it off of his taxes. It is not like he has not ever done worse, but obviously that is not really my concern. He can run his business any way that he wants so long as it does not impact me. Even if it did, there really would not be that much that I could do about it.

Right now there are probably more people than you can get on one of these party buses. They come in a number of sizes, but the capacity basically does not go up any higher than forty five. We have about fifty five people interested in making the trip. So it looks like we would need two of these buses to handle them, but we would obviously want two of the smaller type vehicles. The smallest of them carry around thirty people, although these places have a wide range of vehicles. You have to figure out what is going to be the best. Of course we all shall have to kick in money for tickets and so forth, but it is not going to be that big of a deal for all of us. None of the people who have signed up are not going to be able to afford the price of admission.