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Best Places in Geneva that You Can Visit for Free

museedhistoire-des-sciences-museum-of-history-of-scienceAlthough Geneva is one of the most expensive cities, not only from Swiss but from all over the world, you can visit in on a budget. There are plenty of museums, parks and lakes that you can see without paying.

Muséed’histoire des sciences (Museum of History of Science)

Located in Villa Bartholoni , this little museum presents the history of science and provides more information about important scientists like Pictet, de la Rive, Colladan and Saussure. Besides, there is a collection of thermometers, telescopes, microscopes etc.

InstitutetMusée Voltaire

Voltaire was exiled to Geneva and spent 5 years in the house that now has become a museum. The museum is located in LesDélicesand it displays 25.000 volumes on Voltaire. Moreover, you can admire diverse paintings of Voltaire and his family and friends. Also, there are two plater busts of Rousseau and Voltaire.

Muséumd’histoirenaturelle (Natural History Museum)

Natural History Museum is located in Eaux-Vives . The museum has an impressive collection of preserved and stuffed animals. Also, you can see for free the floors that focus on the evolution of man, astronomy and geosciences. What’s more special about this museum is the collection of moon stones that was offered as a present to the museum from NASA. Moreover you will have the chance to use the earthquake simulator and to see the bronze statue of the oldest human fossil named Australopithecus Lucy.


Located in Old Town,MaisonTavel displays a large collection historical objects and artefacts that are from the Genevan past, particularly from the medieval period.  Furthermore, you have the opportunity to watch a 3D short movie about Geneva’s history. You can find the screening audio in German languages, French and English. In addition the museum provides free Wi-Fi. Admission is free only for the permanent expositions, for those who are temporary you will have to pay.

Ariana Museum

If you like to admire the designs of a building, you should visit this museum only for its beautiful architecture. Founded by Gustave Revillion in the 19th century, the museum exposes a fine selection of ceramic plates and vases, decorative cups and statues. It also provides information about ceramics. Now you can find out how ceramic is being made. If you want an audio guide you will have to pay. In addition, here you can find a café-bar, a library and free Wi-Fi.

It can be hard to find reliable transportation from the airport to your destination. You can opt for private Geneva airport taxi services . it will save you money and time if you book a ride. You won’t have to search for a taxi or bus when you arrive in Geneva. One of the drivers will be waiting for you at the arrival gates. Besides, the private company provides a wide selection of cars from low cost sedans and minivans to luxury and executive sedans, buses and minibuses. In addition, the prices are fixed and inclusive.


End-to-End Pampering: Understanding the Motivation for Luxury Cruises

No matter what’s happening onshore, the world of cruise ship holidays always provides a chance to get away from it all for a little smooth sailing. But as anyone who’s been on a cruise or two knows, not all cruise ships were created equal, and luxury cruising is a class above the rest. In may cost more, but for those who can afford the price tag, the benefits represent a very good value indeed. But what exactly should you expect from a luxury cruise?


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1. Pre- and Post-Cruise Care

Whether you’re embarking from Portsmouth or Naples, taking the Venice or the Galapagos cruises, luxury cruises will ensure you are collected and returned to your home or hotel in style. Most packages include private transfers by car, taxi or minibus, ensuring the traveller has complete peace of mind.

2. Luxury Accommodation

Some luxury cruises take place on a shared vessel, but smaller ships are being increasingly turned over to the luxury model. On shared vessels, luxury accommodation means staterooms, outside cabins and all the little details you’ve come to expect from a five-star hotel room. On luxury vessels, expect larger rooms and individual details such as binoculars and route maps.

5. Fine Dining and Silver Service

For many travellers taking long-duration budget cruises, the prevalence of buffet dining can start to become a little tedious. Even a budget cruise is costly, so why is table service not included? These are the perfect luxury cruise candidates. Because you’re right: a holiday is about relaxing and indulging.

8. Shore Excursions

Luxury cruises are also about more than just the ship. While cruising is the main event, visiting new and interesting places is the reason we step aboard. In ensuring your on-shore excursions are tailored to your specific interests, luxury providers go the extra mile. For example, take a look at Galapagos cruises through Steppes Travel to get an idea of where the bar is set.

10. Getting to Know New People

Cruising is also a great way to meet new people while having the time to get to know them properly. With luxury cruising, access to exclusive ship areas and social events allow shipmates to make new acquaintances with similar interests and from comparable social circles.

And the list goes on and on, but why take our word for it?

Visiting Oregon’s Wine Country

Oregon is known for its beautiful natural scenery. Crater Lake, the Cascades, the Louis & Clark National Trail and the Oregon Caves National Monument are just some of the natural attractions that bring hundreds of thousands to the state every year to enjoy the great outdoors. There are 11 National Parks and historical areas to visit in all. In fact, over half of the state’s total land mass is owned by the U.S Forest Service. But Oregon has even more than that to offer. 150 years ago a man named Peter Britt brought some grapevine cuttings from California to start his own vineyard, giving birth to the state’s thriving wine industry. Today there are over 50 wineries and vineyards in Oregon’s wine country, known as Medford and the Rogue Valley. There you can tour them, attend wine tastings, enjoy fine dining and take in the natural beauty of the area. To compliment the delicious boutique wines you’re sure to pick up, head on over to Rogue Creamery for fine artisanal cheeses or Lillie Belle Farms for out of this world handmade chocolates made with only the finest organic chocolates from around the world.


If you’re raring to go but are looking for hotels near the airport in Medford, OR, check out the Rogue Regency Inn & Suites. It’s close to the airport and all of the areas best attractions including Crater Lake National Park, one of the most breathtaking sights in all of the country. Oregon was also a part of the great Gold Rush and there are many quaint towns and historic sites left from those days just waiting to be explored. Looking for some entertainment? Check out the live performances at the Ginger Rogers Theatre or take in the Shakespeare Festival. For nearly 9 months every year, 11 plays are put on at 3 different venues. There are also music festivals, opera, the orchestra and much more.


Coming in the winter? You’ll enjoy world-class skiing with some of the most amazing views you’ll ever see. The warmer months offer riverboat tours and fishing. There’s truly something for everyone here! If you’re ready to start planning your trip, check out Medford’s tourism site for all the info you’ll need. The hardest part will be deciding how much you can fit into your stay. You’ll never be bored, that’s for sure!  We hope to see you soon for an unforgettable vacation!

Why You’ll Love Owning a 5th Wheel Travel Trailer

Sometimes, you just need to get away from it all and de-stress. Waking up to an alarm clock every morning, going to work, running errands, taking care of the kids; it all starts to add up. When you start to feel like all of the demands of your daily life are starting to catch up with you, you need to plan a vacation.

While taking a vacation is a great way to escape it all, booking flights and hotel rooms can be a hassle. How else can you get away? By purchasing a fifth wheel travel trailer, like the one found at, you can be certain that you and your family will enjoy some really amazing times together.


There really is nothing more freeing and relaxing than jumping your RV, hitting the road and seeing where it takes you. If you’re on the fence, keep on reading to learn about some of the reasons why you’ll love owning your own 5th wheel travel trailer.

Reasons to Buy a 5th Wheel Travel Trailer

There are so many benefits associated with owning a 5th wheel travel trailer that it’s hard to decide what the best reasons are; however, here’s a look at some of the biggest perks of owning an RV.

  • You can get away whenever you want. You’ will be able to take a vacation whenever you want to. Whether it’s a weekend away, or a few weeks, all you have to do is pack up your stuff, get in the RV and start driving. You can end up at a destination you planned on, or you can just go where the road takes you and see what type of adventure awaits you.
  • You’ll enjoy a great deal of comfort. You will have plenty of room to stretch out and enjoy your travels. Half of the reason why traveling is so stressful is because you’re all cramped up; whether it’s in a car, in a plane or on a train. When you travel in a 5th wheel travel trailer, you won’t be cramped, stuffed or feel like a sardine. A bed, comfortable seating, a kitchen and a bathroom will all be in your reach.
  • You’ll make memories to last a lifetime. If you find that it is difficult to spend quality time with your family, then you are going to love the quality time that you’ll be able to share together as the owner of a travel trailer. When you own an 5th wheel travel trailer, like the Redwood Fifth Wheels, you will be able to enjoy quality time with the ones you love the most.

Top tips to find an unbeatable package break with 5 all inclusive holiday deals

All inclusive holidays are now more popular than ever. They offer a round price per person, including accommodation and food, and, if done well, can save you a fortune on alcohol prices and dining out.

They’re also a wise choice if you’re on a tight budget – as they can help you stick to it – by saving you pounds on the little extras.

Top 5 all inclusive holiday deals this week

  1. Algarve, Portugal, Teletext Holidays: Seven-nights at the 5-star Eden Resort. Flights depart from Stanstead on 6 December 2015. Price per person: from £171.00.
  2. Tenerife, Spain, Thomson is offering seven night holidays to Tenerife staying at Thomson’s 4T+ Sensimar Los Gigantes on a half board basis from £307 per person. Price is based on two adults sharing, and includes flights departing from London Gatwick airport on 9 December 2015 and transfers.
  3. Halkidiki, Greece, Travelzoo: Seven-nights at the 5-star Ikos Oceania Hotel with a junior suite and sea views. Flights depart from 29 March-22 April, 2016, from London Gatwick, Manchester or London Stansted. Price per person: from £399.00.
  4. Cancun, Mexico, Thomson Holidays: Seven-nights at the 4-star Riu Caribe Hotel. Flights depart 2 January 2016 from London Gatwick. Price per person: from £1,110.00.
  5. Antalya, Turkey, Love Holiday: Seven-nights at the 5-star spa Nashira Resort Hotel. Flights depart 25 April 2016 from Manchester Airport. Price per person: from £493.00.

What does ‘all inclusive’ include?

These package breaks usually include all or some of the following, each break will specify what’s on offer, but it’s always advised you read the small print.

  • Entertainment in the hotel, e.g. comedy nights
  • Buffet breakfast, lunch, dinner (lunch may not be included)
  • Snacks through the day (eg fast food, ice cream)
  • Local wine, beer, spirits and soft drink brands
  • Sports on the hotel grounds
  • Gym and swimming pools access
  • Children’s club (if there is one)

What are the popular all inclusive booking sites?

Most of the major airlines and travel agents offer all inclusive deals, however, there are a select few that are known for their packages.

These are First Choice, Thomas Cook and Virgin Holidays. Low Cost Holidays is also a good place to search for deals as they have a deal of the week, every week.

If you’re booking last minute, see’s all inclusive late deals.
When is the best time to book?

The earlier the better. If you know where you’re going and when, well in advance, book early and take advantage of early booking bonuses and sales.

Book in advance, and you’ll also have your pick of resorts and dates – perfect, if you’re going away with the whole family.

If you’re booking last minute, try and go for at least 4 weeks before. Leave it too late, and you risk prices going up.
How to find the best deals

Regardless of what time of year you book, it is possible to find some impressive deals on all inclusive breaks, from around £300 per person – including flights, accommodation and food.

But as with any booking, you’ll have to use your judgement, as if a deal is truly amazing – there may be a catch, poor food quality for instance.

5 all inclusive holiday websites worth a glance:

  1.’sspecial offers always has top offers in package getaways – from around £280. All are based on two people sharing.
  2. Teletext Holidays, you’ll be suprised at some of the best deals, and you have the option to pick from their ‘all inclusive resorts’.
  3. The Monarch Airlines website, list some top tips for travellers, and you can narrow down your destination by country
  4. On The Beach is also greay for family breaks, and all hotel shave a Tripadvisor traveller rating.
  5. Low Cost Holidays has deals on 2016 breaks too, starting at £336

Top 4 all inclusive tips with

– Check what drinks are included. You might be limited to local wine or spirits and depending on your location these might not be to your taste. So whilst beer is often charged separately you may think it’s worth it.

– Are you going on an activity based trip? If so, find out what’s actually included. For example, whilst you may have access to water sports you might find that you have to rent the equipment which will then raise the cost of your holiday!

– As you’re going all-inclusive it’s tricky to know whether or how to tip. Tipping varies from country to country, but if you do want to thank a member of staff, tip them in person rather than at the reception desk so you can personally show your thanks.

– The temptation with an all-inclusive deal is to think you have to indulge in everything all the time as you’ve already ‘paid for it’. Remember, there’s always tomorrow.
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Preparation for the holiday

Vacationing is an agenda that surely awaited by us all and will be missed very enjoyable holiday together with those closest to us like family, friends, and people we care about. Necessary preparation so that the holidays can be run successfully it needs the scheduled long before the holidays arrive.

Here are tips you can do to prepare your holiday:
1. Searching for information with travel guide
Start looking for tour guides at tourist sites you navigate to. Tourist information you can get on the website, magazine, results chatting with friends, and other media, so you are not disappointed when on holiday.

2. Determining Travel Destinations
After digging a wide range of tourist destinations, the time you set destination resorts. You can discuss with your family if you want to family recreation. Vacation does not mean always out of town or a place away from home. Holidays in the suburbs if there is a comfortable tourist and beautiful scenery could also be an alternative choice.

3. Booking Hotel
Make sure you’ve booked a venue such as a hotel or villa before the holidays, and you can do a find hotel online. If you are on vacation without the use of private vehicles, the message is also a vacation rental vehicle in place if you want to visit some tourist sites. Usually hotel and rental vehicle has been booked far in advance by many tourists.

4. Booking transport tickets away days
Ticket reservations modes of transport several months before the holiday arrives, allows us to be able to choose the best mode of transportation for us, both on the type of a mode of transportation and also the cost or price of the ticket. Usually a few months before the holidays arrive there are a lot of possibilities we get much cheaper prices and with the same quality when purchasing when approaching the holidays where prices had soared. So we could save on transportation costs.

5. List of luggage while on vacation
Begin to record any luggage to be carried. The goal is that nothing is forgotten. Imagine a vacation where your camera was left behind, of course you can quickly forgotten holiday. Objects such as paper, markers, or pencils though looks are not important, it could also be taken. You can draw a map of travel, plan objectives, and noted the important things during the trip.

Do not carry too much luggage so it makes you not free. Especially if you use public transportation such as airplanes, ships, or trains. Do not let these items to make your mobility impaired. Therefore, for the best estimate for your luggage in accordance with existing conditions.

6. Documentation
Take care of all your travel documents as well as documents necessary health. For example if you are planning a vacation abroad, you can take care of some necessary documents for you and your family.

Thai International’s Popular Destinations Of Bangkok & Hong Kong Are Fantastic For Chinese New Year

Bangkok and Hong Kong are two of the major cities in which to celebrate Chinese New Year. As major travel hubs, both are served extensively by flights from around the world and for those revelers wanting to experience the celebrations in both places there are daily flights linking the two operated by numerous carriers including Thai national flag carrier Thai Airways International.


Chinese New Year’s Day in 2016 is on 8 February, and celebrations can stretch for about two weeks up to the Spring Lantern Festival on the 15th day of the new Lunar Year.


In the Thai capital Bangkok, Chinese New Year celebrations are mainly centered around the large Chinatown area, known locally as Yaowarat, which becomes thronged with crowds of people. While Chinese New Year is a big event, the Lunar New Year is not an official national holiday and government offices and services remain open. Some businesses may close for the Chinese New Year.


On the day before Chinese New Year, Chinatown bustles with various events and small parades in an entertaining build up to the following day. On Chinese New Year’s day itself drummers, lion dancers and a long dragon make their way to major temples.


The next day is largely considered a day of rest, although there are still events taking place around Chinatown.


The Spring Lantern Festival marks the official end to the Spring Festival and colourful lanterns can be seen everywhere.


In Hong Kong a central element of the Chinese New Year celebrations is the International Chinese New Year Night Parade in the Tsim Sha Tsui tourist district of Kowloon. Each year tens of thousands line the streets to watch this dazzling spectacle of local and international performers that transforms the habourfront area into a giant outdoor street party.


In 2015 the Cathay Pacific International Chinese New Year Night Parade saw around 150,000 people take to Tsim Sha Tsui’s streets, and the 2016 event is promising the usual fantastic spectacle.


In Hong Kong most government offices, banks and public utilities close for the Chinese New Year public holidays. However, most shops and restaurants in the busiest districts remain open, some shopping malls may extend their service hours and major attractions, theme parks and public transport operate as usual.


Street markets and stalls usually close on the first and second day of the Chinese New Year (8 and 9 February in 2016) and resume business from the third day.


The Hong Kong Pulse 3D Light Show that lights up the nighttime Hong Kong sky by Victoria Harbour, will coincide with Chinese New Year celebrations from 10 to 29 February 2016. This spectacular 3D light show with exciting audiovisual effects plays four times each night at 8.20 pm, 8.45 pm, 9.15 pm and 9.45 pm with each session lasting about eight minutes.


The show is a sight to behold, as it turns the iconic Hong Kong Cultural Centre and Clock Tower in Tsim Sha Tsui into colourful canvases, adding to the festive ambience.


As the Thai national flag carrier, Thai Airways International or THAI flies to Bangkok from more than 60 destinations around the world, including 48 points in 19 countries in the Asia Pacific region, 11 cities in Europe and two in the Middle East. This provides plenty of choice for travelers to book international flights to Thailand and also to book flights from Bangkok to destinations like Hong Kong.


They can search the Thai airline’s website for great deals on flights to Thailand, and if traveling from Europe or the United Kingdom, for example, can book flights from london to Bangkok, flights from Frankfurt to Bangkok or flights from other destinations in the region.


While online they can also read up on the Royal Orchid Holidays product of THAI and the rewards to be enjoyed as a member of the Thai airline’s Royal Orchid Plus frequent flyer program.

Travel Wrap Versus Baby Blanket

Most parents would not even consider a travel wrap, they are familiar with the baby blankets and that is what they assume they will need when they have a baby. However, people who have discovered them have realised they are not just a gimmick invented so you will feel obliged to spend money on yet another baby product, but actually a really great improvement of the standard blanket.

There are several wraps that I am aware of on the market but the particular travel wrap that I am familiar with is fantastic because it has so many uses and solves so many problems. I think people feel put off by the fact that they will need to spend a bit more and that a cheap baby blanket will do the same job, but of course that is simply not the case.

The travel wrap fits into a buggy or car seat or anything with a three or five point harness; it is shaped so it lays flat within the seat. The straps thread through the holes so the wrap almost becomes part of the seat, as soon as you are ready to go out on a journey you simply but the baby or child into the seat and strap them in as you would normally.

If you then need the blanket because its chilly you can wrap them up, of course if you do not need it you can simply leave it unwrapped. You dont need to prepare when you go out because the travel wrap is always there ready to go. The wrap incorporates a hood which means you can also keep their head warm and avoid the need to buy hats. Of course the additional benefits are that, because it covers the seat it protects it, so any mess or spills can easily be removed by taking the wrap out and washing it, there is no need to wash or scrub down the buggy or car seat.

The other great benefit is that the child is sitting on the travel wrap so it is impossible for it to fall off and get dirty or lost. You dont need to dress your child in outdoor clothing such as coats or snowsuits, because when they are wrapped they are completely covered and it keeps them warm all the way round, not just their front. Therefore saving you even more time and making going out a joy instead of a chore.

Of course if you find a travel wrap too expensive you could always ask friends and family to contribute towards it or look around for second hand options. Its something that you will get a lot of use from and of course you can always hand it down to other children you may have or to someone else when your baby has grown out of it.

Reason The Bear Do Hibernation

Hibernation is one part of their existence that always proves a popular topic among wildlife enthusiasts. If you have booked on to one of the range of organised bear tours, you will no doubt be travelling at a time when animals are no longer in hibernation, as you would be unlikely to see any otherwise. But what is hibernation, really, and why do these animals spend months in a deep slumber surviving with no sustenance at all?

Why do Bears Hibernate?

Bears hibernate through pure necessity. Conditions in their habitat can be harsh and, particularly in winter, the animals find it very hard to function efficiently when food is often scarce and temperatures plummet. It is therefore easier and more effective for them to become dormant and sleep through the hard times, thus conserving energy and staying warm. During hibernation their metabolism slows down and fat reserves are used up at a slow and steady rate. They eat and drink nothing when they hibernate and therefore do not need to eliminate waste either.

What About in Captivity?

If you don’t get the opportunity to go on any of the fantastic bear tours available, you can always visit a zoo to observe the animals up close and personal. While its nowhere near the same experience, bears in captivity do not need to hibernate so you can usually observe them at any time. Food is plentiful, as is water, so therefore the animals do not need to become dormant to survive. They may, however, simply through an evolutionary mechanism, slow down in the wintertime and become more listless and eat less. A bear in captivity displays much the same behaviour as one in the wild and so, due to instinct, it will often sleep during the day. Pregnant bears in captivity usually still hibernate as a way of conserving energy for their offspring.

How Long do they Hibernate?

Hibernation begins in October and comes to an end sometime in April or May. Spring brings with it new growth and a plentiful supply of nutrient-rich food sources, which encourages the reflex to awaken and replenish their reserves.

If you embark on one of the excellent bear tours run by a reputable and experienced wildlife travel company, the trip will be led by an expert guide well versed in the animals’ behaviour and their yearly (and daily) cycles. You’ll be able to gain a fascinating insight into these wonderful creatures.

Visit Sapa Vietnam with Local Tour Guides

The natural beauty of Sapa Tours are combined with the topography of the mountains, green forests and human creativity that creates a romantic spot. To discover and understand more about the beauty of the poetic land, you definitely need a Sapa Tour Guide. Sapa is located in the north – west of Vietnam. It belongs to Lao Cai Province which is a modest with many wonders of the natural scene.

In fact, you must to hire a Sapa local ethnic tour guide for your Sapa Tours instead of th eothers because they are the ones who know the local with the best knowledge. We would like to introduce you a Sapa local tour guide Giang A Cang. He is one of the best tour guides in Sapa Tours. His name is Cang and his full name is Ging A C?ng.He is a Hmong person and got married. Now he is 26 years old with over 10 years working as a tour guide in Sapa. He is fluent in English because he learned English when he was a child. He graduated from Tourism Training Course for Sapa TourGuides in 2014 and got the guiding license issued Lao Cai Tourism Administration.His home village is Sa P? village. It is not well known place for everyone but a gorgeous attraction. Every day, he comes to work by motorbike and comes back home after the tour. He is so enthusiastic and reliable in job and he loves it so much.

As real local,he will show you the best things to do. He knows exactly all corners of Sapa and he will be your reliable friend to bring you to the right place and do the right thing. And if you have any problem arises during your Sapa Tours, he will help you to resolve it.Come to Sapa and let him show you the beautiful town! We hope that the above information will be useful for you to plan your perfect Sapa Tours.Let’s come to Sapa with are liable Vietnam Tour Guide in Sapa who named Giang A Cang to explore the beauty of the natural wonder of a mountain province.

Further about Sapa Tours, please visit our site at: n>