Monthly Archives: August 2016

Sometimes It is Necessary to Make Your Overworked Friends Have Fun

We have four friends who just work way too much. They work on their days off, and they have been getting more stressed as time goes on. They were stuck in a routine of worry. They needed a break, even if it was just for a day. My wife and I had asked them to go with us to dinner or to just come over and play some games. They would take a raincheck. So, we decided to use a party bus rental service to rent a limo bus. We paid for it in advance with the option of rescheduling the day we would use it.

We told our four friends, who are two married couples, that we rented a party bus and they are coming with us for a drive, dinner and a show. We heard the usual excuses, and then we explained how there would be no refunds for this. We explained that is was paid for, and they just needed to get in the bus and go.

Planning to Go See a Bills Game

The boss is the one who came up with the idea for all of us to go see a Buffalo Bills game in Orchard Park, NY. Of course there are not going to be complete participation, since there are not that many NFL fans in the company relative to what it would be in the USA. We did go looking for a Toronto party bus company that will give us a good deal. I suspect that the boss is going to figure out some way for he and the accountants to write it off of his taxes. It is not like he has not ever done worse, but obviously that is not really my concern. He can run his business any way that he wants so long as it does not impact me.